Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use
**Please be sure to read everything on this page before ordering!**

» Please link me back when you use something. Either a text link or banner
link back will do just fine!

» Please do not alter anything on the finished product. Meaning do not: recolor, crop, copy, rip apart, rotate/flip,
change the name – things like that.
I worked very hard (as well as the tube set providers have worked hard) on the things I make for others, and if you wanted something
else done to the graphic, you should have told me in the first place. I will only fix my errors – not yours. Sorry.

» I have a form available to fill out to order with, and I also am not doing free requests unless stated
otherwise. You need to fill out the form completely if you want to order from me.

» The 12 month membership has a separate order form from the single avatar/sigtag order form.

» Please don’t be a grouch with me. You won’t be allowed to request from me if you nag me,
if you’re impatient with me or if you’re just flat out rude with me. I have the right to deny you any requests.

» When I send you the completed request(s), you will need to download them directly from the email I sent you
as I do not link them from anywhere.

» You may use the graphics I have made for you ONLY on your blog site and/or your pixel and/or design site. You may use
the graphics on LiveJournal UNLESS stated otherwise. You may also use these graphics in your email signature section.
Please DO NOT use the graphics on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
Instagram, Vampirefreaks, Myspace, web sites that supply social media graphics, things like that. You are not allowed to use my graphics to make your own products such as printing them out, or using
them to print on Tshirts, coffee mugs, drinking cups, stickers, currency (real or fake) etc.

» Please do not redistribute these graphics in any way, shape or form. Yes, I have created them for your use, but I have
not created them so you can act like you made them, yourself.

» Respect and manners go a LONG way! Please use them both! 😀 ♥

I try to be as quick as possible with filling requests,
but if I have to take my time with certain things, please have patience with me, as I may have other orders to fill.
Thank you so much for reading! ♥