New Madison Christmas Tube Set!

Hey everyone! ♥

Wanted to drop by and let you know I’ve updated the tube sections, once again. My muse has me busy, busy right now! 🙂 Which is excellent, because I haven’t honestly felt this creative in making tube sets in about four years (which is a LONG time). I owe everyone after not filling my gallery and such all those times I said I would, but depression got the best of me, as well as the medication I was on for all that time (which made me feel like a zombie half the time I was awake equaling little to no motivation), and now I’ve bounced back full swing ~ Anyway, enough of my rambling, right? I’ve tubed Cocoa lines from DBM, Madison (Xmas) – which includes some frames from DBM’s ‘Dot’ line set – and (all found in the My Doodles members area). You can find them here! ♥