Hello & welcome to Moonfae!
Here, I offer purchasable sigtags, blinkies, memberships, tube sets and more! Please make sure to read my rules section before getting started on making your request(s) and enjoy your stay here! I will update whenever I have the chance. Thank you so much for stopping by! Much love ♥

Hey all ~

I’ve decided to take a new approach on how I do things around here. I’m going to start offering most of the tube sets on here for free, with the same “end use” rules that apply. I feel like the pixel community would be much better off if I stopped offering them for crazy prices, and just offer them for free or for the simple price of a dollar (that’s for my original creations). I want the pixel community to be about creativity, fun and friendships again, like it used to be, rather than charging each other an arm and a leg for sets that you can see elsewhere, just coloured differently. I am in no way bashing others for what they have their tube sets being sold for, I’m just trying a different approach. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll still be here doing my own thing 🙂

All rules will still apply even with the free tube set offerings, and I will be updating the rules section, too, by the way! 😀

Also, all memberships are still going to be paid memberships and they are not going to be free renewals. Pixel goodie bag prices will be marked down permanently, as well. Sorry if that’s an inconvenience for anyone. I just find that sets I tube should be coloured for fun, and offered for fun at this point.

Wanted to let everyone know I have updated the sigtag galleries with new additions 🙂 I recycled some old tags I had made either through emails or whatever, and decided to offer them on here, rather than let the templates collect dust like they have been for the past few years or so. I hope you all like them! The stats (category name & how many have been added) are as follows:
– autumn: 14
– characters: 1
– christmas: 4
– cute (tiny): 8
– easter: 2
– fantasy: 24
– friendships: 1 (updated names displayed, also)
– halloween: 5
– new years: 1
– patriotic: 4
– school: 4
– spring: 12
– st. patrick’s day: 2
– summer: 10
– thanksgiving: 3
– valentine’s day: 7
– winter: 15
Enjoy! ♥

Hey everyone ♥

I updated the Animals sigtag page and added 13 tags today 🙂 Just wanted to stop in and let you know that, and I will also be back tomorrow with more updates to the gallery! I have tons!

Hello everyone! ♥
Happy New Year to you all, and hope you all had a very, merry Christmas and a blessed Yule (or whatever else you celebrate) ♥ I have some updates coming soon, I’ll be adding more tube sets that are spring-time themed! Nice and early, right? Yeah, I’m really not feeling winter 100% this year, lol, so I will be updating the shop with some springtime tube sets ♥ Also, I organized my membership logo’s so they are all on this new membership section/page, rather than having it located on a completely separate site.

Hey everyone! ♥

Wanted to drop by and let you know I’ve updated the tube sections, once again. My muse has me busy, busy right now! 🙂 Which is excellent, because I haven’t honestly felt this creative in making tube sets in about four years (which is a LONG time). I owe everyone after not filling my gallery and such all those times I said I would, but depression got the best of me, as well as the medication I was on for all that time (which made me feel like a zombie half the time I was awake equaling little to no motivation), and now I’ve bounced back full swing ~ Anyway, enough of my rambling, right? I’ve tubed Cocoa lines from DBM, Madison (Xmas) – which includes some frames from DBM’s ‘Dot’ line set – and (all found in the My Doodles members area). You can find them here! ♥

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know I’ve added a new tube set to the shop!

You can find out more information of each set here! ♥

Hello everyone!

This past week has been super inspiring for me to tube some sets, and I’ve added the following to the tube section ~

You can find out more information of each set here! ♥

I have more sets in the works for this week, so I’ll let you all know as soon as I get them tubed and set up in the shop ♥

Not sure who ever stops by over here anymore (I really need to update more often!) but I wanted to let everyone know that I’m currently tubing some sets from My Doodles and some lines from Tallie’s Corner’s member area ♥ ♥ I hope everyone is having a lovely fall so far (or whatever season you are in, wherever you are located! ♥)

So, hello! XD

Photobucket is holding people’s images and videos ransom, basically, unless you pay them $400 a year to unlock your account, so I am in the process of transferring all my images to my server and uploading them for the gallery and such. I’m sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. I’m working as quick as possible to get this finished.

Hey everyone ♥

I’m currently not only rearranging the entire site since I had to move Moonfae from a domain to a subdomain (I never backed up my stuff, either, shame on me -_-;), but I’m adding new stuff to the sigtag/blinkie/avatar gallery as well. I’m going to be putting up new tags and such, and I also added new blinkie boxes (16 to be exact). I hope everyone is having a lovely day! ♥